Whose dreams are you chasing?

So you run The Intentional Academy. What does that do Patrick?

Excellent question!

The Intentional Academy’s vision is to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of living that is based on purpose, self-reliance, wellbeing and contribution.

Them are wonderful words I hear you mumble, but what the heck does that really mean?

Well, on a personal note most people I meet are either unhappy with a certain aspect of their personal life or can’t seem to achieve the targets or goals they have set for themselves.

Have you an area of your life you are unhappy with or want to improve? Or a goal you want to achieve but somehow you can’t quite get there?

You have tried several fixes and coping mechanisms yet you know now is time for real change?

Well that’s where we can help. I will meet with you first just to listen to your story. The full story. Told by you in your words. Warts, emotions and all. In a safe environment, no judgment. Letting it all out. All I do is listen. So I can try to understand your reality.

Then I simply start asking questions. To figure out what makes you do what you do? Figuring out what is driving you? Whose idea it was to do what you do? Where do you get stuck? Who is stopping you/annoying you/acting the ghoul? (Limerick expression, Google it 🙂 )

Together we try and see life from a different perspective. What if you started finding out what makes you happy first? What makes you tick? The things that make you loose your self? That create a fulfilment? Get you in the flow? Make you smile inside? Make you feel good about your self?

And then we build a new life from there. 1 step at a time. Until your life fills itself with endless things you love doing. And you practice self care consciously. And you find ways to contribute to others peoples lives with your passion. And you become more in control of your life with each step.

That’s Intentional Living. That’s how I help individuals. From any walk of life. 1 to 1, in group with Seminars or Workshops in urban centres all over Ireland, online via Skype internationally.

Because you deserve to be Happy!! Your way! Intentionally!

Patte xxx


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