Why I refuse to run a business! A world of conflicting models.

Every business oriented thing I read, watch or listen to (including the business ‘coaching’ ones) has woven in the sinews of its fabrics a desire for profit, margins and maximisation of these.

It’s about finding the best and most cost effective ways of selling and marketing your products or services at margins that lead to a profitable business model. Right? If you don’t look in depth at these for your business, you shouldn’t run one. Right?

Fine, I won’t run a business so. And I’ll tell you why. What I do is steeped in Purpose and delivered with Intention with a view of delivering maximisation of Contribution.

2 models

The 2 Models

What I do has woven in the sinews of its fabrics the desire to make this place a better world to live in. Simples. And yes I get paid for that. Enough to do the things I want to do. But that is not what I focus on. The focus is on the Contribution I can make.

So I won’t run a business. The Intentional Academy is not a business. Instead it is a Contribution Unit.

And if you are living in Ireland it is coming to a town or city near you pretty soon. How can I contribute?

Patte xxxxx

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