10 Dates – 10 Seminars -3 cities. July to December 2016.

At The Intentional Academy it is our mission to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of life that is based on purpose, self reliance, contribution and well-being.

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We will use this blog to share tips, articles and relevant information with that mission in mind. We belief life is better when we reconnect it with a sense of purpose. When what we do contributes to a better all inclusive world. When we incorporate well-being into everything we do.

One of the ways we use to share those beliefs and way of life is via workshops. Today it is our pleasure to announce 10 unmovable dates we have penciled in our calendar just for all of you individuals, workers, unemployed, groups, professionals and business owners/managers to enjoy together!

5 times ‘Having A Life While Making A Living’. This is a full day workshop where we discover a way of life that has the following benefits: More Time for Important Things, Better Physical and Mental Health, More Stress Free, Higher Output, Better Fitness, Sleep Better, Do More of What You Love and meanwhile ….. Still Earn a Living!

This is on:

30/07 Limerick, 28/08 Galway, 20/10 Limerick, 05/11 Cork & 10/12 Limerick.domore

5 times ‘Intentional Career’. In this highly interactive workshop you focus working on your exit strategy, next career move or getting back into the workplace for a full day under the guidance of a proven intentional careers expert. Results of this program are More Control in Career, Better Focus, More Responses to Applications,More Interviews, Job Offers.

This is on:

11/08 Limerick, 22/09 Cork, 08/10 Limerick, 10/11 Galway, 01/12 Limerick.

Details, Venues and Booking Pages to be announced very soon.

Thanks for spreading the word.  We are looking forward to meeting you and facilitating major changes for you to make in your life and for us to support you in that.

Happier, healthier, at peace, in control, on purpose. Intentional living!



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