Getting to what you really desire!

Do you know what you want? Do you know what makes you tick? Have you figured out what’s important to you? How much of your day is spent living the dream? The real dream? The one that your inner child would get excited about?

You see, there is a difference. Between what we truly desire and that what we were propagandised and marketed to desire.

Between what we think we want because we have been told to want it. And what we truly want. Here’s a general tip to help making the distinction. What we’ve been told we want is often related to us by others. You want a well paying job, status, a spouse, a car, holidays in exotic resorts, a pension, plenty of road frontage, insurance, a mobile responsive website, the latest smartphone, actually a smart TV, tickets to the Euro’s etc….

What I have learned from my journey as well as that of my clients is that what we truly want, is mostly related to feelings. And these feelings are attached to what we value most from life.


Based on that knowledge and while continuing to study this we have decided to start sharing that message with others. While we work with people from all walks of life on this individually, we also deliver this message in companies, organisations, community groups etc….

To give you an insight what we mean by this, we have put together seminars and workshops to share ‘The Intentional Academy’ vision to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of life that is based on purpose, self reliance, contribution and well-being. We also cooperate with like minded people and practitioners.

Here’s some details of 4 of these interactive Seminars/Workshops in the near future. We have made them financially accessible as these workshops are about showing you an alternative way of life where you can Have a Life while Making a Living.

Each of the following 3 days John Madigan from Reflections Counselling and Patrick Mercie from The Intentional Academy present a revolutionary new Seminar on how to achieve more happiness and meaning in your life by taking control of the outcomes you desire from it.

These events are from 9.30am to 4.30pm inclusive of workbook to take home and plans for you to implement for only €49 for the entire day!

Wednesday June 22nd at the Inn at Dromoland, Newmarket on Fergus, Clare (Between Limerick and Shannon).

Saturday July 9th in Limerick.

Sunday August 28th in Galway.


Also on July 2nd: A full day Intentional Career/Life Workshop in Limerick!!

career workshop

In this highly interactive workshop you focus working on your exit strategy, next career move or getting back into the workplace for a full day under the guidance of a proven intentional careers expert. The system devised by Patrick Mercie from The Intentional Academy has proven its success every time it gets applied fully.

If you want more information or want any of these in your location, just give us a shout at The intentional Academy FB page:

or on 083-3008963


Have an intentional weekend!!!



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