New venture, new intentions!!

Hi everyone!!!

I’m fierce excited to start my second blog in tandem with a new venture. While you can still read most Mondays and Fridays about my running exploits on this will be the Blog of my new venture ‘The Intentional Academy’. I will write here on Wednesdays. And whenever a story inspires me to comment. 🙂

So what is ‘The Intentional Academy‘? And more importantly what does it stand for and WHY does it exist??

Our vision is to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of life that is based on purpose, self reliance, contribution and well-being.

We will do this by helping and assisting people, organisations and companies develop this way of life & business via:

  • Intentional Careers
  • Intentional Business
  • Intentional Start Ups
  • Intentional Living Programs
  • Intentional Training Packages
  • Intentional Speaking and Motivation
  • Intentional Seminars

We are also promoting this way of life in 2016 via this blog, by writing a book about it and through the establishment of a Purpose Driven Networks of people initially in Limerick and Cork.


We hope to see you on the journey to a life that allows for Having a Life While Making a Living!!

Have a wonderful day,

Patrick Mercie, The Intentional Academy.

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