Flicking the switch! Is it on now? (warning includes poetry)

When all is quiet, there is usually something brewing we can’t see or hear yet.

People tell me this all the time. I knew there was something I wanted to change, something I wanted to do. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

So most of us then go looking for that thing. Because that’s what logic dictates. Figure it out, go looking, work harder at discovering it. You need to move forward, get on, keep going!

I’ve learnt however from talking to many people that when we force things we can arrive at false conclusions. We need to find a solution so we listen to external forces telling us what we should do, could do, might try, have to give this a go. And when these things don’t work out, we fall flat on our face and stop trying. We go back into our comfort zone and it will be harder next time to come out of it.

Here’s something interesting. Most of the people I meet that found their real life passions discovered those by accident or by stumbling upon it. Rather than by design or hard work.

It’s like the flick of a switch. You are ON. And get stuck in ON.

When all is quiet, there is usually something brewing we can’t see or hear yet.

Personally, I knew something was brewing inside so I let it. And the flick of the switch happened. I’m ON. And stuck in the ON position.

So next time you feel something brewing, trust it can come to you when you are not looking or listening. Just when the switch flicks to ON, get stuck in ON.

I’m ON. And you’ll know about it. 🙂

Here’s a little poem I wrote last night about it:


The crossroad was traversed the way a whirlwind would

On the other side the desert seemed bare at first

Then a mirage, fluent and imaginary, became tactile

The hidden road became visible to the internal map

Light and darkness played out a game of togetherness

An awareness game that had been on for years

Concluded in an instant

Changing the road map

To become present

As if it always was

And it is.


Here’s to an intentional weekend!!!


Patte xxxxx

The Boy

He’s past a hundred

That boy knows how to Keepie Up

That ball will never touch the ground again


The ripples are a hundred yards long

That boy knows how to skim a stone

That stone will never sink


If x+2=6, then x+2-2=6-2 or x=4

That boy knows his maths

He will soon count the stars


His life is a Game

A game against himself

To get his Dad’s attention


And when Daddy finally looks

The ball hits the ground

The stone sinks

And infinity is always just a heartbeat away



If only he was just a boy

And played for Fun!