Whose dreams are you chasing?

So you run The Intentional Academy. What does that do Patrick?

Excellent question!

The Intentional Academy’s vision is to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of living that is based on purpose, self-reliance, wellbeing and contribution.

Them are wonderful words I hear you mumble, but what the heck does that really mean?

Well, on a personal note most people I meet are either unhappy with a certain aspect of their personal life or can’t seem to achieve the targets or goals they have set for themselves.

Have you an area of your life you are unhappy with or want to improve? Or a goal you want to achieve but somehow you can’t quite get there?

You have tried several fixes and coping mechanisms yet you know now is time for real change?

Well that’s where we can help. I will meet with you first just to listen to your story. The full story. Told by you in your words. Warts, emotions and all. In a safe environment, no judgment. Letting it all out. All I do is listen. So I can try to understand your reality.

Then I simply start asking questions. To figure out what makes you do what you do? Figuring out what is driving you? Whose idea it was to do what you do? Where do you get stuck? Who is stopping you/annoying you/acting the ghoul? (Limerick expression, Google it ūüôā )

Together we try and see life from a different perspective. What if you started finding out what makes you happy first? What makes you tick? The things that make you loose your self? That create a fulfilment? Get you in the flow? Make you smile inside? Make you feel good about your self?

And then we build a new life from there. 1 step at a time. Until your life fills itself with endless things you love doing. And you practice self care consciously. And you find ways to contribute to others peoples lives with your passion. And you become more in control of your life with each step.

That’s Intentional Living. That’s how I help individuals. From any walk of life. 1 to 1, in group with Seminars or Workshops in urban centres all over Ireland, online via Skype internationally.

Because you deserve to be Happy!! Your way! Intentionally!

Patte xxx


Flicking the switch! Is it on now? (warning includes poetry)

When all is quiet, there is usually something brewing we can’t see or hear yet.

People tell me this all the time. I knew there was something I wanted¬†to change, something I wanted to do. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

So most of us then go looking for that thing. Because that’s what logic dictates. Figure it out, go looking, work harder at discovering it. You need to move forward, get on, keep going!

I’ve learnt however from talking to many¬†people that when we force things we can arrive at false conclusions. We need to find a solution so we listen to external forces telling us what we should do, could do, might try, have to give this a¬†go. And when these things don’t work out, we fall flat on our face and stop trying. We go back into our comfort zone and it will be harder next time to come out of it.

Here’s something interesting. Most of the people I meet that found their real life passions discovered those by accident or by stumbling upon it. Rather than by design or hard work.

It’s like the flick of a switch. You are ON. And get stuck in ON.

When all is quiet, there is usually something brewing we can’t see or hear yet.

Personally, I knew something was brewing inside so I let it. And the flick of the switch happened. I’m ON. And stuck in the ON position.

So next time you feel something brewing, trust it can come to you when you are not looking or listening. Just when the switch flicks to ON, get stuck in ON.

I’m ON. And you’ll know about it. ūüôā

Here’s a little poem I wrote last night about it:


The crossroad was traversed the way a whirlwind would

On the other side the desert seemed bare at first

Then a mirage, fluent and imaginary, became tactile

The hidden road became visible to the internal map

Light and darkness played out a game of togetherness

An awareness game that had been on for years

Concluded in an instant

Changing the road map

To become present

As if it always was

And it is.


Here’s to an intentional weekend!!!


Patte xxxxx

The Boy

He’s past a hundred

That boy knows how to Keepie Up

That ball will never touch the ground again


The ripples are a hundred yards long

That boy knows how to skim a stone

That stone will never sink


If x+2=6, then x+2-2=6-2 or x=4

That boy knows his maths

He will soon count the stars


His life is a Game

A game against himself

To get his Dad’s attention


And when Daddy finally looks

The ball hits the ground

The stone sinks

And infinity is always just a heartbeat away



If only he was just a boy

And played for Fun!

Success or Happiness? Pick one.

Instead of the popular understanding¬†that¬†the Dalai Lama said the following, it was actually David Orr in his book¬†Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World¬†:¬†‚ÄúThe plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.”¬†

Most people I meet see success as Medals, Diplomas, wealth, promotions, job titles, big cars, designer gear, top 40 hits, target or goal achievements, bestsellers, triumphs, victories etc….. All else was a nice try and sometimes a moral victory yet in the end it all smells an awful lot like failure.

But then we are told to learn from our failures and work really hard and we will eventually know success. Sometimes after years and years of failure after failure.

And then we will be happy. Right??

When we work hard, real hard. And we make sacrifices. And immerse ourselves fully and entirely for a period in time to just that thing we need to do so we can later get success and then eventually happiness. Sounds great. Right?? Sounds like the way to go. Right?? Achievements make us happy. Right??

Then what’s the reason that¬†achievements are always followed by the ‘What’s Next’ question?

Here’s a thought to ponder. What if we did things just because they made us happy and feel¬†better and are good for us? What if we made time for our own happiness? What if we started getting better at things that made us happy by doing more of them?


More practically, what if we started with just a few things every day that make us happier? Who do you believe will get the most benefits in their lives today, people who spend time every day doing things that make them happy or people who constantly have to work harder and harder to hopefully get successful along the line some time later (possibly)?

What things that are good for you make you happy? Would you like more of that in your life? Without hard work and sacrifices? You can.

Our simple 3 Happiness ideas for you this week are:

1- Do 1 hour more in the next week of 2 things you love doing.

2- Write down 3 things that went well for you at the end of each day. This can be anything, small or big. A compliment received, a great chat, a beautiful lunch, a nature walk. Just 3 things in a notebook or diary. every day.

3- Perform 3 conscious acts of kindness each day for the next 7 days. Again it can be small things, but do them consciously.

I believe happier, more positive people get more out of life than people who just work hard. And science backs me up on that. Try it and feel free to let me know how you get on.

What if we ditched success as we know it and started consciously being happier. Do you see how that might make us achieve more (of what we personally need and like most)? How does feeling happier sound to you?

We will be back next Wednesday with 3 more Happiness ideas.

Have a wonderful day,

Patte xxxxx


Why I refuse to run a business! A world of conflicting models.

Every business oriented thing I read,¬†watch or listen to (including the business ‘coaching’ ones) has woven in the sinews of its fabrics a desire for profit, margins and maximisation of these.

It’s about finding the best and most cost effective ways of selling¬†and¬†marketing your products or services at¬†margins that lead to a profitable business model. Right?¬†If you don’t look in depth at these for your business, you shouldn’t run one. Right?

Fine, I won’t run a business so. And I’ll tell you why. What I do is steeped in Purpose and delivered with Intention with a view of delivering maximisation of Contribution.

2 models

The 2 Models

What I do has woven in the sinews of its fabrics the desire to make this place a better world to live in. Simples. And yes I get paid for that. Enough to do the things I want to do. But that is not what I focus on. The focus is on the Contribution I can make.

So I won’t run a business. The Intentional Academy is not a business. Instead it is¬†a Contribution Unit.

And if you are living in Ireland it is coming to a town or city near you pretty soon. How can I contribute?

Patte xxxxx

The difference between We & Us! (Sports analogy).

This Summer is littered with top class¬†sports events. Euro 2016, Tour de France, Rio 2016, the All-Ireland series etc…

And yet is is exactly now¬†that I¬†have chosen to dump Sky Sports, BT Sports and Eir Sports. And I’m big into sports. I was born surrounded by sports. I have always played or taken part in sports.

And yet I’m reprogramming my internal wiring to remove¬†emotional attachment to¬†competitive sports.

Please note this is merely a personal point of view intended only to make you think. No need to agree or disagree ūüôā And yes I’m continuing to take part in sports. For different reasons¬†than I used to though! Let me explain.

Why have I¬†become disaffected with competitive sport?¬†There are several reasons. For the purpose of today’s post I’ll stick to one in particular.¬†The Us v Them mentality that comes with the territory. ‘We’ need to beat, defeat, annihilate, destroy, humiliate ‘Them’.

I hear it everywhere. On TV, in the papers, from the players, the coaches. And then the supporters. Those that don’t even take part. For them the ‘We’ versus ‘Them’ is even stronger.


‘We’ can be anything. An Irish athlete in the Olympics, Kilkenny hurling, Liverpool FC, Conor McGregor. You name it. It’s all ‘We’ against ‘Them’.

For ‘We’ to be happy ‘Them’ need to be defeated and with a good margin preferably. So ‘We’ can boast ‘We’ stuffed ‘Them’. ‘Them’ will be shedding tears in France, Waterford, Manchester.

For ‘We’ to be happy, ‘Them’ need to feel down , defeated and miserable. Not everyone might feel like this but the vast majority of people I meet and talk to do. And if you happen to live in ‘We’ land you HAVE to support ‘We’ or you will be seen as part of ‘Them’ and ridiculed. Try saying in Limerick that you are not a Munster Rugby supporter. Or in Kilkenny that you don’t follow Hurling.

b cody

“We were really up for this fight. We weren’t coming down here to fulfil a fixture.” Brian Cody, Kilkenny Hurling Manager.

What if instead we promoted sport as a way to get fit, connect with like minded people and share the love for sport with each other. The notion came to me when I started running Ultra-marathons this year. I have taken part in 3 of them. And at each of these ‘races’ people have gone out of their way to chat with¬†me, encourage me, offer¬†me food and drinks, walk with me and so on. Every single time slowing themselves down to do so. Sometimes even when they were in medal positions.

The difference is enormous. Everyone who completes wins. Everyone does whatever they can to ensure as many as possible complete the event. These events become spiritual. Filled with love, passion, empathy, compassion and friendship. Now ‘We’ or ‘Them’. Just ‘Us’.

portumna 165

Some of ‘Us’ at an Ultra – Marathon in Portumna.

‘Us’ getting there together. ‘Us’ doing things we used to only dream of doing. ‘Us’ making lasting connections. ‘Us’ resolving to meet again at future events. ‘Us’ sharing stories, cups of tea, cake and hot soup. ‘Us’ becoming friends. All based on the same love for the same sport.

When we organise our own Marathons with¬†Marathon Club Ireland there is no first, second or third places or awards. We all run 26.2 miles or more and share our journeys before, during and after. Just being the best ‘Us’ we can be. There is so many friendships that have come from that in the last few years that the ‘Us’ is getting stronger every time we ‘compete’.

I had the choice. ‘We’ versus ‘Them’ OR just ‘Us’. I’ve chosen. You don’t have to. Yet I encourage you to just consider the choice. And the beauty is you can do this in most aspects of life.

Here’s to intentional living.

Have a wonderful day,

Patrick xxxxx


10 Dates – 10 Seminars -3 cities. July to December 2016.

At The Intentional Academy it is our mission to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of life that is based on purpose, self reliance, contribution and well-being.

TIA logo purple2

We will use this blog to share tips, articles and relevant information with that mission in mind. We belief life is better when we reconnect it with a sense of purpose. When what we do contributes to a better all inclusive world. When we incorporate well-being into everything we do.

One of the ways we use to share those beliefs and way of life is via workshops. Today it is our pleasure to announce 10 unmovable dates we have penciled in our calendar just for all of you individuals, workers, unemployed, groups, professionals and business owners/managers to enjoy together!

5 times¬†‘Having A Life While Making A Living’. This¬†is a full day¬†workshop where we discover a way of life that has the following benefits: More Time for Important Things, Better Physical and Mental Health, More Stress Free, Higher Output, Better Fitness, Sleep Better, Do More of What You Love and meanwhile ….. Still Earn a Living!

This is on:

30/07 Limerick, 28/08 Galway, 20/10 Limerick, 05/11 Cork & 10/12 Limerick.domore

5 times ‘Intentional Career’.¬†In this highly interactive workshop you focus working on your exit strategy, next career move or getting back into the workplace for a full day under the guidance of a proven intentional careers expert. Results of this program are More Control in Career, Better Focus, More Responses to Applications,More Interviews, Job Offers.

This is on:

11/08 Limerick, 22/09 Cork, 08/10 Limerick, 10/11 Galway, 01/12 Limerick.

Details, Venues and Booking Pages to be announced very soon.

Thanks for spreading the word.  We are looking forward to meeting you and facilitating major changes for you to make in your life and for us to support you in that.

Happier, healthier, at peace, in control, on purpose. Intentional living!



Patte xxxxx

Getting to what you really desire!

Do you know what you want? Do you know what makes you tick? Have you figured out what’s important to you? How much of your day is spent living the dream? The real dream? The one that your inner child would get excited about?

You see, there is a difference. Between what we truly desire and that what we were propagandised and marketed to desire.

Between what we think we want because we have been told to want it. And what we truly want. Here’s a general tip to help making the distinction. What we’ve been told we want is often related to¬†us by others. You want a well paying¬†job, status, a spouse, a car, holidays in exotic resorts, a pension, plenty of road frontage, insurance, a mobile responsive website, the latest smartphone, actually a smart TV, tickets to the Euro’s etc….

What I have learned from my journey as well as that of my clients is that what we truly want, is mostly related to feelings. And these feelings are attached to what we value most from life.


Based on that knowledge and while continuing to study this we have decided to start sharing that message with others. While we work with people from all walks of life on this individually, we also deliver this message in companies, organisations, community groups etc….

To give you an insight what we mean by this, we have put together seminars and workshops to share ‘The Intentional Academy’ vision¬†to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of life that is based on purpose, self reliance, contribution and well-being.¬†We also cooperate with like minded people and practitioners.

Here’s some details of 4 of these interactive Seminars/Workshops in the near future. We have made them financially accessible as these workshops are about showing you an alternative way of life where you can Have a Life while Making a Living.

Each of the following 3 days John Madigan from Reflections Counselling and Patrick Mercie from The Intentional Academy present a revolutionary new Seminar on how to achieve more happiness and meaning in your life by taking control of the outcomes you desire from it.

These events are from 9.30am to 4.30pm inclusive of workbook to take home and plans for you to implement for only ‚ā¨49 for the entire day!

Wednesday June 22nd at the Inn at Dromoland, Newmarket on Fergus, Clare (Between Limerick and Shannon). https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/its-up-to-you-creating-a-life-of-meaning-and-happiness-tickets-25795903241

Saturday July 9th in Limerick. https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/its-up-to-you-creating-a-life-of-meaning-and-happiness-tickets-25796748770

Sunday August 28th in Galway. https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/its-up-to-you-creating-a-life-of-meaning-and-happiness-tickets-25796876151


Also on July 2nd: A full day Intentional Career/Life Workshop in Limerick!! https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/intentional-careerlife-workshop-tickets-25844390267

career workshop

In this highly interactive workshop you focus working on your exit strategy, next career move or getting back into the workplace for a full day under the guidance of a proven intentional careers expert. The system devised by Patrick Mercie from The Intentional Academy has proven its success every time it gets applied fully.

If you want more information or want any of these in your location, just give us a shout at The intentional Academy FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TheIntentionalAcademy/

or on 083-3008963


Have an intentional weekend!!!



New venture, new intentions!!

Hi everyone!!!

I’m fierce excited to start my second blog in tandem¬†with a new venture. While you can still read most Mondays and Fridays about my running exploits on¬†http://howmanybelgians.blogspot.ie/ this will be the Blog of my new venture ‘The Intentional Academy’. I will write here on Wednesdays. And whenever a story inspires me to comment. ūüôā

So what is ‘The Intentional Academy‘?¬†And more importantly what does it stand for and WHY¬†does it exist??

Our vision is to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of life that is based on purpose, self reliance, contribution and well-being.

We will do this by helping and assisting people, organisations and companies develop this way of life & business via:

  • Intentional Careers
  • Intentional Business
  • Intentional Start Ups
  • Intentional Living Programs
  • Intentional Training Packages
  • Intentional Speaking and Motivation
  • Intentional Seminars

We are also promoting this way of life in 2016 via this blog, by writing a book about it and through the establishment of a Purpose Driven Networks of people initially in Limerick and Cork.


We hope to see you on the journey to a life that allows for Having a Life While Making a Living!!

Have a wonderful day,

Patrick Mercie, The Intentional Academy.